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Mercx - Lvl 80 Holy Paladin [Accepted]

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Mercx - Lvl 80 Holy Paladin [Accepted] Empty Mercx - Lvl 80 Holy Paladin [Accepted]

Inlägg  Mercx i mån maj 17, 2010 11:58 am


Character Name: Mercx

Class: Paladin

Level: 80

Main Spec: Holy

Off Spec: Prot

Armoury Link: http:\\armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Outland&cn=Mercx

Alts: Rahd, 80 Mage

Raid Experience: I've been gaming since the BETA, and practically raided everything up to 6/12 ICC and 10/12 Ulduar. I've been out of the game for a few months because of the military, so I was thinking it was time to catch up Wink

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1.Previous Guild(s): Daggers of Darkness, Union, Catch-Gamer, Army of the Hypnotoad

2. Why did you leave your previous guild(s): I was DoD for about 2 and a half year, but I lost my interest when more and more of my close friends stopped playing. I left the guild and tryed my luck in Union, but I didnt stay there for too long, combined with being an outgoing person, 6-7 raids a week was too hardcore for me. I was trying to go abit hardcore with Catch-gamer after a good break, but they didnt come up to my expectations, so I went pvping instead. I migrated to Outland last summer, had a 10man guild with 12-15 IRL mates, and we just had fun in Naxx and pvping, a pretty good time really. They all stopped when they started different schools around the country, so I joined Hypnotoad to keep raiding, but they had gone casual after I came home from bootcamp! So here I am Wink

3. Why are you applying to Grotesque?: You guys sound like you have the same sight on things as me, play it cool and have fun, as long as you learn from your mistakes and still be able to take down some big bosses.

4. Do you know anyone in the guild? No, noone at all, as far as I know, but hopefully that will change fast Wink

5. Do you know have family/ RL Friends in the guild? Nope

6. Are you applying to other guilds at the moment? Nah, that's not my thing, I find a guild I like, I'll apply and wont move on until I'm denied. I'm in no hurry Smile

7. Do you have sole access to your account, or do other people (eg, sibling, friend, spouse) have access to it? Nah, this has been my account for...about 5 straights years? Still the only one with access to it, never been hacked or jacked or anything like that Smile

8. Have you read the guild rules and the raiding rules? Yes, I read 'em and I've got nothing to say against them.

9. Are you applying for raider rank or a casual member? Raider, I'll be trying to make it to every raid that doesnt interfere with anything more important Smile

RAID TEAM QUESTIONS (Not necessary for people applying for a social spot)

10. Can you tell us a little of what kind rotation your are using? As a healer, in my opinion, there is no perfect rotation, its all very situational. As long as I keep people alive, I'm happy Wink

11. Can you attend our raid times from start to finish, without needing to take prolonged breaks for meals? I'm like a camel, just with food. No worries.

12. Are you willing to put effort into raiding, buying/creating your own food and pots and reading up on tactics? Yeah, or else I'll feel like a complete idiot wiping your raids, wont see that happening Smile

13. Do you have a basic knowledge of other classes then your own, which can be of use when learning encounters ? Well, I've played both ret, prot and holy in end-game instances on both 60, 70 and 80. I also raided alot with a mage, which gives me the ranged perspective on boss encounters.

14. Do you have Ventrilo and the basic raid addons installed - please list the raid addons you have : Grid, PallyPower, Xperl, SpellTimer, GearScore atleast, probably some minor onces aswell.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Your Age: 20

Your Nationality: Norway

Do you have Vent?: Ja

What do you think you can add to our Guild ?: I'll be awesomeing all over the place, but other than that hopefully good moral and humour Smile A trusty raid buddy which can help you guys fulfill your goals! Also, I hope to see some good guild spirit and a nice social environment. Pewpew.

PS: Skrev på engelsk, så vi slapp eventuelle misforståelser :p Fattar svenske jätte bra anyways



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Mercx - Lvl 80 Holy Paladin [Accepted] Empty Sv: Mercx - Lvl 80 Holy Paladin [Accepted]

Inlägg  Suthla i tis maj 18, 2010 2:17 pm

Hejsan Mercx

Jag beklagar att det tagit tid med att få ett svar på din apply, jag vill bara påpeka att den inte är glömd och att vi kommer besvara dig snarast möjligast

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Officer & Admin

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