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Zornh + Fryspåse [Accepted]

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Zornh + Fryspåse [Accepted] Empty Zornh + Fryspåse [Accepted]

Inlägg  zorre i tor maj 26, 2011 4:02 pm

Detta är en gammal Englelsk Apply som jag uppdaterat, jag använder den så ni får en större inblick på vem jag är:

Hello my name is Kristoffer and I am guy that lives in Sweden. I am 19 years old and at my spare time I am with my friends, Doing my homework or playing World of Warcraft ofc

Computer & Connection
Computer: I have a Packard Bell Ipower X9510NC
Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4CPUs),
Internet: 24mbit/s

My character:
Name: Zornh
Race: Worgen
Class: Priest
/played: 177 Days 3 Hours, and in 80 72 days & 22 hours and 85: 14 days 13 hours

Experience in wow:

Pre tbc (Vanilla)
Well I played in vanilla but it were more casual, at that time I played on a rogue and were more of a pvp dude,

Pre Wotlk (The Burning Crusade)
I started playing on my priest during this time, I started with just battlegrounds and some pvp as shadow, After this I got in my friends guild and started to raid, The thing was that my pve gear were shit at this point. I played on the server Magtheridon as ally so not many good guilds but they accepted me, They started to gear me up with some gear in khara, Magtheridon & Gruul's Lair. After I got my full tier 4 with some other pieces of gear I got in the raids Scc/tk. and I got my first piece of Tier 5. After this me and my friends went over to the guild Jupiter mining Corp that after a while migged to Grim Batol. I choosed to stay. but my friend migged with them. After this there were a Free miggration to Emeriss so I went over there with some friends, I played there for a while and lvled up to 80 there!

Wrath of the Lich King:
Now I were lvl 80 and I wanted to get gear fast and smooth so I specced holy, Easy as healer to get some gear; Just after /played 4 hours I got in a Naxx 10 man grp with a guild run.
I got almost full epic that run, Because of this I got in their guild because they thought I were a good and an experinced player, Just after 3 weeks in this guild I got the position Priest Class leader. But just a few days after I changed Guild to Polisen. Because I wanted 25 man Proggession. I started to clear it all, We did Naxx 25 - All bosses, We did Malygos 25 - All bosses - OS 25 man - 2 drakes then Ulduar came and Polisen Migged to Grim Batol (Ett gäng Gubbar) on Grim Batol. When Ulduar came I had a big break during the summer time because me and my parents are out with the caravan during summertime and came back when ToC came. I started farming gear and soon I had gear to starting raiding again. I Joined a guild named Firelords on emeriss because it were at that time a very good guild. I got 4/5 bosses in that guild (before the 5th boss came out) and I migged to Grim Batol with some friends and had many friends there as I told you before.

Grim Batol:

At Grim batol I got ToC 25 done fast with a pugg. (I were guildless a while) I started to farm even more gear with both VoA and in Puggs. Me and some friends started some guilds but we made a serious guild for a while named Amor Eternis; Went pretty good for a while but guild dissbanned because of slack of attendence, then me and my friends Joined Cunning Casual, (Icc came) here we got Icc 25 4/4 Fast but they decided to Kick us from the guild because they had to many members so we started to pugg again.

I have made it to Rotface in icc 10 and 4/12 in icc 25, I am used to read up tactics before raids so that wont be a problem.

Then after I miggrated to Stormscale and became horde (bloodelf for the 6% mana reg)

I miggrated because Grim Batol Puggs died and my friend wanted to try something new, And I were up for it!

On Stormscale I first pugged , I have done icc 10 man HC Gunship Atleast (Easy mode)

Then I started my own swedish guild that become the best swedish guild on the server, downed LK 25 & 10 man, Then 8/12 hc, ALlso did Ruby Sanct 25 man normal, Then I decided to quit wow,

Friend migged my char to me to Bloodfeather EU were I joined guild called NaVi, I lvled 85 and then was just learning my skillz as holy priest again.

Migged to Outland and became alliance since I missed it alot.

Nothing Really, killed first boss in BWD and know tacs whole way.


I have tailoring 503 because of the cloth gear + enchants
and Enchanting 525 for the enchant on the rings.

Duelspecc: yes - Holy - Shadow atm but I am used to be Disc in Offspecc for PvP.

Armory Link:

Addons I use is: Castbars, DBM, Bagnon, X-pearl Unitframe, Cartographer, Atlas loot, Omen3, wardrobe, Recount, Decursive, Gearscore, Tukui & Tukui Config: A print of my UI can be sended if needed!


Why your guild is because: I have only heard good things about your guild and you seem like a good and nice guild with many good players and I am looking for a serius guild now that knows what they are doing with good progression! I know that I could do something to the guild and that you could do much for me aswell! all is about takeing and giving!

I will do my best but at my sparetime It is many hours behind the computer so probbably wont be a problem.

I just want to add that I have dyslexi and it's a spelling dissorder that I have thats why I have so bad english. But I dont have any problem with talking english!

I Choosed Glyph of Renew because I always have Renew on Tanks,

I Choosed Glyph of Flashheal because my set bonus 2 with tier 10

I choosed Glyph of Prayer of healing because that Is what i always use in raids because it heals many target and it puts up a free HoT on the whole group, And I am raidhealing specced! - + my echo of light (mastery) will make it do a double hot on 1 whole grp!

My gem Choose are;

Well Haste, int, spirit. Best imo, Haste (cast faster heals) Spirit (spellpower + manareg) Int (spellpower + more mana)

Well please contact me


Okej, iaf så söker jag och min flickvän (fryspåse) till Hjältar som tältar som social medlemmar (som kan gå med som alts eller liknande om det behövs)

Vi vi bygga upp guildreputation och snacka med ett par sköna svenska personer.

Min flickvän är en Arcane mage som är duktig och inte hjärndöd så fungerar i raids och hon kan sin class som dps.

Hon har spelat med mig sen Bloodfeather och kan lite taktiker men inte i samma stil som mig, Men bara förklara för henne vad som ska göras och hon fixar det.


Zornh & Fryspåse!

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Zornh + Fryspåse [Accepted] Empty Sv: Zornh + Fryspåse [Accepted]

Inlägg  zorre i tor maj 26, 2011 4:15 pm

Har även en lillebror (fluffee) som vill gå med, han är en 70 rogue som lvlar en ny rogue för att hans blev hackad, han vill även gå med för han spelar med mig och min flickvän ganska mycket, dock sattsar han bara på PvP.

är inte riktigt säker
är inte riktigt säker

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Zornh + Fryspåse [Accepted] Empty Sv: Zornh + Fryspåse [Accepted]

Inlägg  Sonac i tor maj 26, 2011 4:16 pm

Välkommen till Hots wispra Nimodii Bexxie Blaizy Rollinn för inv eller fråga nån i guildet efter en officer.


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Zornh + Fryspåse [Accepted] Empty Sv: Zornh + Fryspåse [Accepted]

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